The production process

The delicate Graviera Naxou (PDO) is produced according to the rules of traditional cheese-making, expressly avoiding the addition of milk powder, preservatives, antibiotics, and colouring agents, condensation, and milk concentrate.

The process is as follows:

After the milk has been collected in local cooling facilities and transported in isothermal milk transport vats, it undergoes a thorough and careful inspection.

After inspection, the milk is transported to highly modern preservation and storage tanks.

The milk is then cleaned and transported for pasteurization.

Once the pasteurization process is complete, the raw material is transported to the cheese dairy, where the thick cheese mass is produced and filled into molds.

In between, the cheese loaves are turned again and again.

Once the ripening process is complete, the cheese loaves are rinsed in drinking water.

Finally, the cheese loaves are dried for 24 hours and taken to the packaging facility. Before marketing, the cheese loaves are preserved in cooling chambers.