Graviera Naxou (PDO) Protected Designation of Origin Geographical area is undoubtedly the figurehead (“flagship”) of the island’s production and at the same time also the most important and best-known product of the island.

Hard Cheese with pale yellow color

This hard cheese in the shape of a cylinder, with its pale yellow colour, thin, dry rind, compact, elastic consistency, characteristic irregular holes, a refined aroma, sweet and delicate taste, and very characteristic aftertaste, is made from 80 % cow’s milk and a maximum of 20 % sheep’s and goat’s milk, with the addition of traditional rennet.

from 80 % cow’s milk and a maximum of 20 % sheep’s and goat’s milk

It has a high calcium content and (11) liters of milk are used to produce one kilo of Graviera. It has been named by many institutes and scientists as one of the most suitable cheeses for consumption by people of all ages!

It is one of the excellent Greek cheeses and is suitable for all uses (table cheese, grated cheese, fried cheese, etc.).

Graviera Naxos has been registered as a PDO product since 1996 and for years has earned a reputation as one of the most important Greek cheeses. Graviera Naxos has won major awards in international and national competitions and is exported to more than ten countries (including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK among others)!