Protected Designation of Origin

Graviera Naxou has been registered as a PDO product since 1996 and for years has earned a reputation as one of the most important Greek cheeses. Graviera Naxou has won major awards in international and national competitions and is exported to more than ten countries (including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK among others)!

A product with a protected designation of origin (PDO) is a product that comes from a specific region and whose quality or characteristics are mainly due to the particular geographical environment. These products production, processing, and treatment occur exclusively in the delimited area and in compliance with certain specifications.

In the case of Graviera Naxou, this means:
  • A delimited geographical area for milk production and processing.
  • Only a specific type of milk (mainly cow’s milk or mixtures of cow’s milk with sheep’s and goat’s milk, with the latter accounting for no more than 20 %) from animals kept in the defined geographical area and whose diet is based on the flora of that area.
  • A well-defined traditional production and maturing process (time, temperatures), in production facilities within a defined geographical area.