An informative press event regarding the PDO Graviera Naxos was conducted with notable success at the Illuseum Museum in Berlin.

Categories: NewsPublished On: 16/04/2024

As part of the European Program titled “Information and Promotion Actions for PDO Graviera Naxos in Greece and Germany,” distinguished as “The Pleasure of European P.D.O. Products, Graviera Naxos P.D.O.,” a press event was convened at the Illuseum Berlin on March 24, 2024.

Present at the event were esteemed dignitaries including the President and CEO of EAS NAXOU, Mr. Dimitrios Kapounis, the Vice President of the Cooperative, Mr. Iakovos Valeris, the Managing Director of Qualitycert Limited, the executive entity of the Program, Ms. Paraskevi Tegou, alongside a multitude of esteemed journalists from informative and entertainment television programs, notable cultural representatives, and public opinion influencers, all of whom were apprised of the Program’s objectives.

Particular emphasis was placed on the program’s objectives concerning consumer awareness and information dissemination regarding European PDO products, with the Graviera Naxos PDO cheese taking center stage. Furthermore, comprehensive information was provided on the stringent standards adhered to during the production process of PDO Graviera Naxos, as well as its traceability and distinctive quality attributes.

The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Theodoros Xypolias, Head of the Economic and Commercial Affairs Office of the Embassy of Greece in Berlin.

During his address, Mr. Xypolias provided a succinct overview of the unique characteristics of Graviera Naxos. He underscored the significance of introducing Graviera Naxos to the German market, thereby catalyzing concerted efforts towards further promotional endeavors.

Subsequently, Ms. Tegou expounded upon the campaign’s objective of securing international and domestic recognition for the product in various markets. She elucidated on the distinguishing features of Graviera Naxos PDO, particularly its quality and flavor, and highlighted the promotional initiatives encompassed within the program aimed at advancing Graviera Naxos PDO in the campaign’s target nations.

Following this, Agriculturalist Evangelos Karousis elucidated on the production stages of Graviera Naxos and its nutritional value.

The event concluded with remarks from Mr. Iakovos Valeris, Vice President of the Cooperative, expressing gratitude and encouraging attendees to savor Graviera Naxos.

Of note, the menu was tailored to feature PDO Graviera Naxos, eliciting laudatory remarks from attendees.

Lastly, the event was honored by the presence of Mr. Georgios Kakavas, General Directorate of Contemporary Culture at the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Elias Klouvatos, Director of the Consular Office in Berlin, and Ms. Maria Louka, Head of the Berlin Public Diplomacy Office.

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