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Categories: NewsPublished On: 21/07/2023

In the framework of the European Program “Information and promotion activities for PDO Graviera Naxos in Greece and Germany” with the distinctive title “The Pleasure of European P.D.O. Products, Graviera Naxou P.D.O.”, a press event was held at Momix bar on July 19, 2023.

The event was attended by the President and CEO of EAS NAXOS, beneficiary of the Program, Mr. Kapounis Dimitrios, the CEO of Qualitycert Limited, the executive organization of the Program, Ms. Tegou Paraskevi, as well as journalists, food bloggers and opinion leaders who also informed about the Program.

The event also honored with his presence the president of ETHEAS, Mr. Pavlos Satolias.

Particular emphasis was placed on the objectives of the program regarding the information about the advantages of PDO products as well as the strengthening of the recognition of the PDO logo, through the Naxos PDO graviera. In addition, extensive information was provided both on the high standards applied during the production process of Naxos PDO Graviera, as well as on its traceability and special quality characteristics.

Also, in addition to the necessity of supporting agricultural production, the criticality of increasing sales and by extension exports was discussed.

It is worth mentioning that there was also a taste test with the PDO Graviera of Naxos as the main basis of the menu.

Characteristically, Mr. Kapounis emphasized that the PDO graviera of Naxos has an international reputation and important distinctions. It has been a PDO product since 1996 and is deservedly among the most delicious and well-received cheeses by the consumer, having special quality characteristics.

In addition, it has won great distinctions in Greece and abroad and is truly a treasure of the Naxian economy, a delight for the consumer and the most important gift of Naxos.

In turn, Ms. Tegou Paraskevi pointed out that the said two-year program is part of the European Union’s effort to support and promote European agricultural products, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

Finally, the food journalist and writer Ms. Sissy Nika spoke, where she referred to the special conditions under which the PDO Graviera Naxos milk is produced, as well as the special characteristics of the Naxian land that contribute the most to the PDO Graviera Naxos being well-deserved at the top of Greek cheeses.

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Dimitris Kapounis

Tegou Paraskevi

Sissy Nika

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