The event in Munich for Graviera Naxos

Categories: NewsPublished On: 24/03/2023

The event in Munich for the Graviera Naxos Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) was a tremendous success!

It was part of the European program “Promotion and Information Campaigns of Graviera Naxos (PDO) in Greece and Germany” and was held on March 2.

Attendees included Ms. Rea Tsitsani, Advisor of the Greek Office of Economic Affairs and Trade, Mr. Dimitris Kapounis, President, and Mr. Iakovos Valeris, Vice-President of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos, members of the Greek Consulate, German journalists, and importers and traders of Greek agricultural and food products. They were all enlightened about the unique qualities of Graviera Naxos (PDO).

The event focused on the benefits of PDO products and the awareness of the PDO logo, with specific attention given to the high production standards of Graviera Naxos (PDO), its traceability, and its unique quality characteristics.

Additionally, the need to support agricultural production, increase sales, and boost exports to the target countries was also discussed. And let’s not forget the delicious tasting where Graviera Naxos (PDO) was the star ingredient of the menu!

Apart from the highlights, the program’s goal is to expand business and increase sales in Germany, where the Greek community has considerable purchasing power. Taking the German retail market into consideration, the “Promotion and Information Campaigns of Graviera Naxos (PDO) in Greece and Germany” can significantly contribute to the product’s promotion and the achievement of substantial agreements.

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